Curated by Agnès Biro and Sarah Rodrigues Artists: André Baptista, Maja Bakken, Maja Bakken and Tove Möller
Location: Lappkärret, Stockholm

"And the whole world went into a pause"

It has been a year that we have been in suspended animation. Interrupted. Waiting.

In the frozen landscape of our time, we invite you to explore the energies that lie dormant within.

Where could they take us?

MAJA BAKKEN is a Stockholm based artist, jewelry maker and performer. She holds a bachelor's degree in craft from Konstfack University. Driven by the fascination of collective behaviour her work often explores space in relation to the human body. Using performance as a research method, she often activates her pieces in a collaboration between her own body and the pieces that she makes.

Mirrors by Maja Bakken (2020-2021) - Photograpy by Adrià Cruz

TOVE MÖLLER (b. 1986, Laholm, Sweden) is currently studying an MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Through sound, sculpture and installations, she wants to create opportunities for listening to the environment, raise questions about the relation between nature and society, and investigate more-than-human agency and kinship. Using queer methods, her artwork asks the audience to consider their local surroundings and reflect on the world in which we live.

Installation by Tove Möller (2021) - Photograpy by Adrià Cruz

TIM HØIBJERG (b. 1986, Kristiansand, Norway) holds a BFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and is currently studying an MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. His practice situates itself in between the virtual and the physical, moving between digital software, animation and sculpture. Tim’s work questions perceptions of fiction and reality in a hyper-technological age, and explores the queer potentiality of futurism and transhumanism. In 2020, Tim was nominated for the acknowledged award Sparebanken Sør Kunstnerpris of which an exhibition followed at Sørlandet Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand, Norway in October.

Empty Pleasure Vessel by Tim Høibjerg (2020) - Photograpy by Adrià Cruz


Curated with Sarah Rodrigues.